Monday, July 23, 2012


  I have to give props to Washington D.C. I used to live there. I go back and visit every year. On my most recent trip back I decided that I couldn't think of a city that had as much to offer as DC. Many people that I talk to disagree. They usually bring up New York City to counter, but I do not concur. Though New York is superior in many ways (the bars close much earlier in DC), DC has more overall yo offer. I think to see DC properly, you have to reserve at least 6 days: 2 days for monuments, 2 days for museums, 1 day for government (visit your state represenative's office and the Capitol building) and 1 day for neighborhoods (which would include the National Zoo.) And most of this is easily accessed by a simple subway system. (New York is awesome but their subway system doesn't have anything on DC's metro.) Some find their humid summers a bit harsh, but they put on a hell of a fireworks display in the nation's capital