Wednesday, June 17, 2009


so, yes, there are dozens of music festivals across the world. I'm just glad i finally got to go to one....Riverbend 2009. While I expected to be slammed by one hillbilly band after another, I was treated to a nice mix of music. We started out with Willie Nelson, whose first words were "whiskey river, save my soul." I think I was an instant convert to country music at that point. The next night was Train. I also enjoyed the Wailers and the B-52s. The end of the festival was marked by a fireworks show that tingled my spine and lit up the Tennessee river. Perhaps the best part of Riverbend is the city that hosts it--Chattanooga. Don't forget to get a moon pie and some RC Cola when you're there, and I reccomend a stop at Aretha Frankensteins for some pancakes...

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