Saturday, February 21, 2009


Millions of people visit the bay area every year, but in their haste to get to get to the fabulous city of San Francisco, i'm afraid they miss out on their kind sister to the east--Berkeley. Berkeley is just across the bay and can be easily reached by subway. everyone has heard of UC Berkeley--either for its sports or its academics. the campus is worth the trip in itself. San Francisco has Coit tower, Berkeley has the Campanile, completed in 1914, it stands 307 feet high, and not only does it provide a beautiful view of the area, but a bell concert three times a day during spring and fall. San Francisco has Haight street. Berkeley has its own lovable Telegraph Avenue, where you can find shopping, food and lots of students.

Berkeley is re-known for its cuisine and its liberal attitude. it has its own Psychic institute, where you can get your aura cleansed or your palm read. Try walking around or taking the bus. You will always find something new and interesting in Berkeley

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